LA, CA @ Betalevel (Masterclass)

Tillery is excited to partner up with Gretchen’s sister Heather Parlato and the space that she helps to program called ‘Betalevel’.  This hip ‘rough and tumble’ venue is described as ‘part studio, part club, part stage, and part screen;  Betalevel is located in a basement in Chinatown, Los Angeles, and plays host to various media events such as screenings, performances, classes, lectures, debates, dances, readings, and tournaments. Its members are artists, programmers, writers, musicians, designers, agit-propers, filmmakers, and reverse-engineers.’

It’s best to locate the space by clicking on the link to ‘directions’ below – as the door is somewhat hidden behind Hill Street. Don’t worry. We’ll give you a number to call after you register just in case (“Don’t worry, Jake. It’s Chinatown.” I’ve always wanted to use that somewhere) – so join us for an evening masterclass session!

“The Methods, Process and Practice in Singing and Songwriting“ A masterclass with Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens of TILLERY  – “The Methods, process and practice in Singing and Songwriting” will take participants on a journey through the musical paths and varied songwriting methods of Tillery’s Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens.  This revealing workshop will enlighten and inspire through a range of topics that include early musical experiences, writers block, breakthroughs, connecting your creative work to your daily life and finding your true voice.  During the session, participants will be led through several unique songwriting processes with hands on writing and composing exercises done individually and in collective groups. Guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing!

“The Methods, Process and Practice in Singing and Songwriting” Workshop with Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens of TILLERY


 963 N. Hill Street (right behind)
in Chinatown

 Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
6:00pm – 9:00pm

$90 per participant (you must pre-register. Click on ‘Paypal’ below).


The workshop is open to all participants 16 or older. All levels welcome.
Be on the look out for an email from us shortly after you register.

Sponsored by Larrecca Music, Inc.


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