Tillery: A Quiet Intensity by the Revivalist

The Revivalist: slideshow image 4

What better way to launch our vocalist issue than to feature an in depth interview with Tillery, an inspiring trio of vocalists who have their feet in the jazz world and have come together to make music that authentically expresses themselves. The ladies of Tillery, Rebecca Martin who has been playing music for over two decades in the jazz world as well performing as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Gretchen Parlato one of the most respected jazz vocalists of our time, and Becca Stevens the youngest of the three who is already a prolific songwriter and guitarist are a powerful team. It is not everyday that you see three jazz vocalists coming together, which makes Tillery a quite refreshing and important group. Grounded in friendship and love, their music exudes compassion and warmth. The Revivalist spoke with Tillery while they were together at Rebecca Martin’s home in Upstate New York. These ladies shared their giggles, infectious energy, and wise words on what it means to be a jazz vocalist today….READ ON

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